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 Why NPT 
Why Choose New Precision Technology?

Automated tools reduce operator training requirements
New Precision Technology is constantly researching new machine features to benefit our customers. Not only do we attempt to resolve existing production issues, we attempt to anticipate future issues and develop solutions that integrate seamlessly with minimal production impact. Fifth generation devices now cross-communicate, leveraging our production systems so that the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Traditional dispensing tools are faced with process variations such as : temperature, part variation, fixture variation, and even operator variation (!) that require continual manual adjustments in pressure, speed, and even path location. These circumstances encourage the evolution of a unique plant position - knobologist. With our tools and processes, we eliminate the knobologist. The inclusion of these tools into a machine transforms a standard CNC platform into a stand-alone, high-precision, low-cycletime gasket applicator.
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Project Demos ensure timely delivery by eliminating guesswork
The very first thing we do at New Precision Technology is study the assembly situation. This includes not only the application, but also the level of integration, surrounding plant resources, and operator personnel. We utilize our cumulative experiences with many processes and make recommendations on materials, curing, packaging, and fixturing. We have likely handled many other types of problems similar to yours, and we can provide a feasibility assessment for the task you are proposing. Our goal at this stage is to gather enough information to make our base platform selection - benchtop, stand-alone, pallet-conveyor, in-line conveyor, batch-dial, or in-line dial.
Our systems utilize constant velocity contouring
Our systems capitalize on the advantages provided by a dedicated motion control board. This board brings the following features and benefits to our equipment:
1) Constant velocity contouring (CVC) across all axis.
2) A variety of interfaces including USB, Ethernet, Hardwire, RS232, PC/104, and PCI.
3) A uniform driver library across all board variants.
4) Compatibility with steppers, servos, and encoders
5) 32 bit RISC processor
1) CVC is crucial for fluid dispensing in time/pressure applications to control.
2) Interface flexibility enables the best selection depending on the application and level of integration desired.
3) Uniform libraries enable us to concentrate on our core competency of application problem solving!
4) All of our CE marked equipment is servo based to help meet European safety requirements
5) This advanced processor handles position control so the computer controller doesn't have to!
Smart dispensing can save adhesive dollars!
The precise control possible with our advanced set of hardware and software tools makes it no longer necessary to aim for the top of the gasketting tolerance band. When a gasket specification is given, most applications are set up to dispense to the top of the requirement in gasket height so that the day to day process variations do not cause an undersized gasket to be produced. For example, if we have a 0.07" +/- 0.01" target, and I am able to dispense at 0.070" and instead I dispense at 0.080" in height, I am using up an additional 31% of material.

Add to this calculation the additional benefit of producing fewer non-conforming parts and it becomes plain that dispensing gaskets without good process control is a liability most companies can ill afford in this day and age.
Simplified Programming speeds setup and reduces errors
Although our machines typically come pre-programmed as part of an overall turn-key system, we offer training sessions that cover programming for a broad range of applications and we share our experiences that minimize operator training, minimize part defects, and maximize your return on investment. We have a simple pattern programming scheme that does not require G-code knowledge or specialized training. We also have available tools such as a DXF file reader and a Gerber file reader that allow simplified importing, and a coating application assistant that dramatically reduces programming time for conformal coating and paint application programs.
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Automated QC allows unattended operation
Automated quality control is realized quite effectively through our direct machine control model. This enables us to further close the process control loop between sensing and dispensing, allowing the robot to compensate in real-time for process variations. Trainable sensor models can perform signature analysis and allow precision sensors to deal with production variations and still prevent false negatives so that the positives are only those parts with valid problems.

This concept addresses something that is an issue with common, off the shelf (COTS) SCARA or 6DOF robots: dealing with process variability. Without the automation having the capability to adjust automatically to variations in parts, materials, and environment, you need to either accept looser tolerances or greater reject counts. With adaptable automation, there is now a governing automated ombudsman that can fix some of these issues, resulting in higher yields.
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Inspections and Rebuilds enable conversions and re-use
While we use the best materials possible (our bearing life calculations project 14 years MTBF), a manufacturing environment can be harsh on equipment. As a result, we offer a variety of plans to detect problems before they stop your production. We allow you to inspect, restore, and even reconfigure used machines, giving you a huge return on investment.
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A commitment to complete systems means no hidden costs
We are committed to supplying complete systems that are appropriate to your production situation. There are no hidden costs. No dispense valves to buy separately, no cables and no teach pendants. New Precision Technology is committed to helping our customers solve productivity issues for the long term. Often our equipment is in production within minutes of uncrating, allowing our clients to get on with the next issues on their dance cards.

 Why NPT 
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