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3D Surface Scan System 3D Surface Scan System
News 2007-04-03

    Using a variety of cost-effective laser systems, New Precision Technology can now offer 3D mapping of surfaces, often along with dispensing on the same machine! Because of the inherent stability of the CP split axis design, it is possible to get high resolution (1 micron and less depending on laser) scans using our standard platform. The laser mount can be outfitted with a theta axis as well. This allows the laser to be toggled from specular to diffuse mode and angles in-between. This is very helpful when dealing with highly reflective targets. Various tools to aid meaurements are also available including : color scale manipulation, filtering of noise from laser data, automatic peak (and inverse peak) searching, and more.


  1. This graph (not a photo) shows a 3D scan of a serail number done with a point impact system on steel. Note the dimmensions of one pin impact.
  2. This is the photo of the part that was scanned. The dime is there for reference.
  3. Dome analysis
  4. Its tails...
  5. 3D Fuel Cell Path with Cross Section Images

  1. Members Only: Download ScanViewer to see the capabilities

Gasket height held to + -0.0005" Gasket height held to + -0.0005"
News 2007-01-20

    Our newly developed standoff foot gasketting technique has yielded measured results showing gasket height being held consistent to +/-0.0005" overall. Using our in-house scanning software package which can take 2D and 3D measurements, we have verified that these unprecedented results are now a production level reality. Material rheology and environmental factors will still contribute to the overall repeatability of gasket height, but this technique reduces the impact of mechanical positioning by an order of magnitude or better.


  1. Image 1

Compliant foot gasket dispensing: square Compliant foot gasket dispensing: square
News 2007-01-15

    In this example we are converting XYZ coordinates imported from a DXF file to YZ and theta coordinates only when the RUN button is pressed. The advantage here is that all of the traditional tools still apply: needle tip calibration offsets, height measurement offsets, and laser programming tools loose none of their value despite the radical shift in coordinate systems.

Properly applied, it becomes possible to dispense gasket compounds with less than +/-0.0005" (+/-12 micron) height variation across the entire gasket. The scan images illustrate the consistency and of course also point out our ability to verify the consistency!


  1. Dispenser w/ compliant tip
  2. Identical but offset 1/4"
  3. Profile Graph View

  1. 0.5mm Gasket dispensed on flat surface (+/- 0.010mm)
  2. Gasket dispensed on surface offset with two quarters

Part marking horizontal and vertical Part marking horizontal and vertical
News 2006-12-27

    CP systems can employ a number of marking methods. Whether filling in injection molded parts with various paints and inks, utilizing high speed reciprocating carbide marking pins, or employing an ink jet head to print text, the CP platform has the tools to ensure marks are placed accurately and consistently. Markings can be conformal coated as well. Video one shows marking in the case of a flat object and video two shows the same marking done in a vertical orientation.


  1. Auminum Serial ID plate marking
  2. Nickel Plated Steel marking
  3. 3D scan analysis of marking

  1. Standard horizontal marking
  2. Vertical marking

Conductive inks and adhesives Conductive inks and adhesives
News 2006-12-23

    Conductive ink, gasketting, and shielding applications benefit a great deal from the synergy of motion, sensing, and software. IMAGE ONE below shows traces formed with conductive inks on polyester with an LED placed directly on the ink to form the circuit. Subsequent application of a conformal coat serves to secure the assembly. Note the soldered wires on the polyester. Video one shows resistance traces precisely formed with the benefit of accurate height measurement. Video two shows sprayed RF shielding applied with minimal waste of material. Video three shows a silicone RTV filled with silver used as an EMI shield compound on cell phone housings.


  1. LED attach w/soldered ink on polyester substrate
  2. LED wired with conductive ink and powered up

  1. Resistance test pattern
  2. Sprayed RF shielding
  3. EMI shield gasket on cell phones

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